Doug Worthy was an active member of the Santa Monica Chapter of the Four Cylinder Club of America back in the 1950s and 1960s.  Previously I posted an article in which Doug tells how he got into sports cars and his adventures and impressions of those early days of the sports car movement in the United States.  Doug has since written a number of other stories focusing on individual events or occurrences during that time. Here, I have assembled all of the stories Doug has written for the web site, beginning with the story previously posted.  Doug was an artist and was responsible for the design of many of SMFCCA's dash plaques, newsletter covers, and other club related items.  Doug has put his artistic talents to work, drawing some very amusing cartoons for the web site that focus on the early sports car movement.   Here I have assembled all of the stories written by Doug to date.  I think you will find them both interesting and, in some cases, amusing.  The first story is the same as that previously posted to the web site.  All of the others are new postings. For an interesting look at a slice of sports car lore, read on!   Bill Wilkman FCCA History Webmaster   PLEASE BE PATIENT.  THIS MAY TAKE A MINUTE TO LOAD.  FOR EASIEST READING, CLICK THE RECTANGLE ON THE RIGHT SIDE TO THE TOOL BAR BELOW, OR CLICK ON “Download” BELOW THE STORY TO DOWNLOAD STORY TO YOUR OWN COMPUTER.  FOR STORIES WITH MULTIPLE PARTS, YOU WILL HAVE TO DOWNLOAD EACH PART INDIVIDUALLY.  

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