Bob Foster, son of FCCA founder John Foster, recently sent me several name badges his mother, Bunny had tucked away.  This reminded me that I also had some name badges from a box full of club materials Randy York donated to the FCCA History Archive in 2010.  Here are some photos of the badges from these two collections.  Included are name badges related to the Garden Grove Chapter, Tour & Tinker Chapter, RAL, the San Fernando Valley Chapter, and the Sports Chapter.  I received an email a while back from a gent who thought his parents had been members of an Ontario Chapter, but at that time, I was not aware that such a chapter ever existed.  One of the name badges in this collection, suggests there was such a chapter, and it was known as the “SPORTS” Chapter.  There is also a patch from “COSMOS”.  I have no idea what that is.  I am also not aware of what “RAL” is.  Finally, I’ve seen references to Don Shumate, but I know nothing about him.  Can anyone enlighten me?  He is referred to on several badges as “The Hairless One”.  ;o)  I also have a name badge from the  Corvettes Southern California club with Dan’s name attached.


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