Pretty much every FCCA rally included a dash plaque.  Typically, dash plaques were issued to some specified number of entrants on a first come first served basis.  Dash plaques were also often given to those placing in a rally, the rally master, and others earning a special distinction.  Below is a slide show of some of the plaques that were issued at FCCA rallies.  Thanks to former FCCA members John Taylor, Tachi Shimoyama, Bruce Carnachan, Doug Worthy, Dale Deem, and many others for their generous donations of dash plaques and dash plaque images.   These dash plaques are not only artistic creations, they also offer a glimpse of the many chapters of the FCCA.  The slide show begins with the most iconic dash plaque of all, that for the 1952 Palm Springs Road Races.  Next is a small collection of miscellaneous plaques I’ve affixed to the dashboard of my Sprite.  From there, the slide show includes FCCA dash plaques in order of date. I have historic dash plaques from other clubs across the USA and I will post these as time permits.

If you have FCCA dash plaques or photos of dash plaques you would like to pass on to the archives, please contact us.



1952-3-Rare Palm Springs Road Races Dash Plaque - 1952

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John Burkhard donated this exceptional and rare dash plaque from the Palm Springs Road Races held March 23, 1952. The FCCA assisted with the early Palm Springs events.