In September of 1952, the FCCA had grown to the point that it was ready for a glossy magazine style national newsletter.  This was a major step for the young organization, and it was not without some growing pains.  Previously, Exhaust Notes had been published as a mimeographed newsletter, solely for the readership of the Glendale Chapter.  After only a few months of publishing Exhaust Notes as a glossy national magazine, the editors  were already complaining that far flung chapters were not contributing materials.  In fact, the January 1953 issue, pictured to the left included an editorial chiding chapter reps for not participating in the content of the magazine.

It is not known how long Exhaust Notes survived as glossy magazine.  It is known, that the September/October issue of Exhaust Notes reverted back to the old mimeographed format, with the editors noting that this was necessary due to lack of participation by enough chapters and the failure of advertisers to pay for published ads.  It is also not known how long Exhaust Notes served as the national publication.  It is known that the name of the national magazine changed over time.  It appears that at one point the national magazine was called Rally.  Later, its name was Dash Plaque.

As time permits, I will post copies of the newsletters I have.  I have many issues, but there are also many gaps.

If you have FCCA newsletters to share, please contact us.