The early meetings of the Glendale FCCA were held in the Griffith Manor Clubhouse in Griffith Manor Park at 1551 Flower Street in Glendale, California.  Established in 1937, aerial photographs from the early 1950s show that this park had three large buildings.  One appears to be a large picnic shelter, while the other two are large enclosed buildings.  One of these was likely the clubhouse.  A recent aerial photograph reveals that all of these structures have been demolished in preparation for a complete renovation  of the park.  I obtained several black and white photographs from former club members that record some of the events that took place in the clubhouse around 1952.  The photos depict people having fun enjoying the camaraderie of fellow foreign car enthusiasts in the years when owning an imported car was a true statement of individuality.


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Club members excitedly anticipate the award of trophies.