The deluge of  little foreign cars that swamped the United States in the late 1940s and early 1950s, created a huge demand for some way to bring the owners of these cars together for fun, recreation, socializing, and competition.  And, the ingredients for creating an enthusiast group for these cars were all present in  Glendale, California.  John foster provided  the energy, organizational talent, and drive to bring people together.  And, Southern California was the epicenter of sales for these cars.  The combination of these two ingredients led to the formation of a new club, the Four Cylinder Club of America.  At first, there was just one FCCA club, headquartered in Glendale, California.  But, with hundreds of people showing up for meetings and events, it soon became evident that the club would need to divide itself into chapters, with each chapter serving a general geographic area.  I believe the second chapter to be formed was the San Fernando Valley Chapter.  Others followed in very quick succession.  As I come across information regarding the formation of individual chapters, I will post that information here.  These chapter histories are going to be somewhat random,  as my information is scattered across numerous newsletters, newspaper articles, etc.  So, please be patient and stop by often to see the latest in documentation on chapter formations.