The FCCA had multiple chapter clubs over the course of its approximately 45 year history.  I have counted 103 chapters so far, spanning numerous states.  Not all of these chapters existed at the same time and some chapters were relatively short lived.  But, each chapter represents a spark of enthusiasm in some corner of the country that led a group of people to seek affiliation with the Four Cylinder Club of America.

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Ajo – Ajo, Arizona

Antelope Valley – Antelope Valley, California

Atlantis Touring Club – Redwood City, California

Baltimore – Baltimore, Maryland

Greater Bay Region – Northern California

Belville – Belville, New Jersey

BMC Road Runners – Monterey, California

Braintree – Braintree, Massachusetts

Brushrunners – San Gabriel Valley, California

Buckaneer – Sarasota, Florida

Cactus Corvair-Corvette Club – Phoenix, Arizona

Camelot – Los Angeles Police Department,  California

Canton – Canton, Ohio

Carlsbad Motor Sports – Carlsbad, New Mexico

Central California Rallye Team – Central California

Cheyenne Motor Sports – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cheyenne Frontier – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Chicago – Chicago, Illinois

CIMMIG Sports Car Club – San Jose/San Francisco, California

Circumnavigation – Unknown Location

Classy Chassis – Phoenix, Arizona

Cleveland – Cleveland, Ohio

Compton – Compton, California

Covina – Covina, California

Crenshaw – Los Angeles, California

Cuesta College – San Luis Obisbo, California

Datsun 510 Club – Glendale, California

Datsun Owners Club – San Jose, California

Denver – Denver, Colorado

El Camino Foreign Car Club – San Luis Obispo, California

Elites of Peninsula Cities – Redwood City/Palo Alto

Firebird Sports Car Club – Unk Location

Flagstaff – Flagstaff, Arizona

Foothill – San Fernando Valley and vicinity, California

Florida – Florida

Fort Atkison – Fort Atkison, Wisconsin

Fun Runners – Long Beach/Compton, California

Garden Grove – Garden Grove, California

Glendale – Glendale, California

Great Southern – Atlanta, Georgia

Greenwich – Greenwich, New Hampshire

Greater Boston – Boston, Massachusetts

High Sierra – Inyo County, California

Hollywood – Hollywood, California

Imperial Valley – Imperial Valley, California

La Habra – La Habra, California

Les Detours – Richmond,  California

Le Vivo Machine – Sunnyvale, California

Litre Bugs Sports Car Club – Santa Maria, California

Long Beach – Long Beach, California

Machine Impossible – San Jose,  California

Mazda Owners Club – Santa Clara, California

Mesa Auto Club – Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

Miami – Miami, Florida

Miami Valley – Miami Valley, Ohio

Monrovia – Monrovia, California

Motorsports Enthusiasts, Lancaster, California

New England – Hartford, Connecticut

New Haven – New Haven, Connecticut

Northern Arizona University – Flagstaff, Arizona

Northern California Rally Team – Northern California

Nunyet Touring Club – San Jose, California

Oceanside – Oceanside, California

Orange County – Orange County, California

Palm Beach – Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Springs (AKA Desert Rats) – Palm Springs, California

Paso Robles – Paso Robles, California

Philadelphia – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phoenix – Phoenix Arizona

Prospectors – Victorville, California

Racherfracher – Northern California

R.A.C.E. Ltd – San Jose, California

Rallye Associates Ltd – San Fernando Valley, California

Ramblin Rogues – Santa Clara Valley, California

Road Runners  Touring Club – Northern California

Riverside – Riverside, California

Roswell Motorsports Club – Roswell, New Mexico

Rossmorr Sports Car Club – Los Alamitos, California

RS – San Jose, California

Safari – Palm Springs, California

Salinas – Salinas, California

Salt Creek – Hinsdale, Illinois

San Fernando Valley – San Fernando Valley, California

San Gabriel Valley – San Gabriel Valley, California

Santa Anita – Santa Anita, California

Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara, California

Santa Clara Valley – Santa Clara Valley, California

Santa Cruz – Santa Cruz, California

Santa Monica – Santa Monica, California

SCAT Rallye Team – Orange County, California

Simi Valley Sports Car Club – Simi Valley, California

South Bay – Manhattan Beach, California

Southern Alamito Valley Volvo – Fremont, California

SPORTS (Superior People on Rallies, Traloms, & Slaloms) – Ontario, California

Super Imps – Tampa, Florida

Tour ‘N Tinker (AKA Aberrants of Anaheim) – Southern California

United 510 Owners – Southern California

Vandenberg – Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

Victor Valley – Victor Valley, California

Vintage – Los Angeles, California

Wandering Wheels Touring Club – Northern California

Westchester – Westchester, California

West Texas Sports Car Club – Pecos, Texas

Whittier – Whittier, California